30" One Person Elevator

ASME A17.7 Certified

Standard Features Include:

No pit, hoist way, or machine room

Free-Standing, Self-Supporting

35 ft maximum car rise

30 ft/min traveling speed

Two to four floor homes

External diameter: 30 inches
  Internal car diameter: 20 ½ inches
  Internal car height: 6 ft 7 inches
  Entrance way opening: 20 ½ inches

Weight of unit: 560 lbs for 9’ ceiling

Through-floor or Balcony Landings

Power Supply: 25 Amp 220 Volt AC, 24 Volt car controls

In-line door openings

Aluminum and polycarbonate cylinder

Car LED lighting and fan

Mechanical safety brake system

Includes Phone and Car Key Lock


Navy Grey
Silver Grey
Jet Black


Tobago Beige

Drawings & Specs

pdf 2 Floors (2 Stop)
pdf 3 Floors (3 Stop)
pdf 4 Floors (4 Stop)

Conforms to strict national safety code (ASME A17.7)

Locking devices prevent doors from opening while the car is traveling. A door can only be opened when the car is anchored at that landing.